LED screens


Thanks to many years of experience, we brought the classic outdoor giant LED screen to a new level. In fact, the LED screens of the Front Service line are characterized by a full front maintenance and a series of other innovations.

These features combined make possible a number of previously unthinkable applications. For example,  it can be fixed directly to a wall, with a unique simplicity for this product range, thanks to a modular and compact support structure designed by us.

Thanks to the possibility to act frontally and not from behind, our system allows to replace a defective element in a few minutes making all maintenance activities really simple and inexpensive.

Our Front Service led screens are only 10 cm thick and extremely lightweight (speaking of screens, these few centimeters disappear in relation to the visible surface).

Obviously this outdoor advertising screen is designed and tested to withstand the elements (IP65); also the brightness is managed dynamically to ensure maximum visibility at any time, all with a considerable reduction in power consumption.

The modularity of the system allows us to compose LED billboards of all sizes.

Depending on the height from the ground and the viewing distance we can offer five different levels of resolution with models P6, P8, P10, P16 and P20.