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Our LED screens have various options and possibilities to show your messages. On our LED screen-page you will find the several types, our way of working and the specifications.



To give you an impression of the possibilities and cost savings, you can watch a presentation of the canopy lighting. You wil find several types of of lamps, our way of working and an example of possible energy savings.



To give you an impression of the possibilities and cost savings, you can watch a presentation of the street lighting. You wil find several types of of lamps, our way of working and an example of possible energy savings.

Straatverlichting LED



The electroluminescent lighting, simply called EL backlight, is one of the most innovative forms of lighting of this century. This type of lighting can be used in both interior and exterior application. In principle, it is a “flat” light with a maximum thickness of 3 mm, so it can be used anywhere. Because of the extremely high degree of flexibility of this light source, it can be used for all types of lighting or illuminated units. Whether it is a light box, a display or decorative lighting in tiles, stairs, etc., we can offer this light form as a “static” lighting source, but can also be fully equipped with an animation. Also, with an EL strip (in a special profile), there can be produced a light line.

Specification EL Backlight

  • 30.000 burning hours (depending on the environment, driver conditions and used inverter)
  • extremely energy-environment friendly; low voltage from 9 to 110 VAC. Energy-use around 1 mA/cm2
  • light output depending on desired application between 80 and 200 cd/cm2
  • favourable price ratios compared to conventional lighting sources (neon, LED and fluorescent)
  • no UV or IR radiation, no light pollution, no heat release and fully shockproof
  • extremely thin (up to 3 mm), completely flexible and pliable, making it process able in places where fluorescent and neon is not possible
  • used in light boxes, snap frames, displays, in steps, facade, light lines, floors, etc. Direct illumination of the object to highlight, making equal lighting guaranteed
  • EL panel sizes from A5 to A0. Linkable, causing even larger areas to be highlighted. This also applies to the EL strips which are fully linkable

Examples EL

Freestanding digital advertising displays

Display Innovations offer a large range of freestanding Digital Advertising Displays ranging in size from 42″ – 70″. These freestanding displays look great for any advertising application and are supplied as a finished product in an attractive housing. These larger screens are becoming common place in Retail environments, ideal for getting your brands message across to a captive audience, as well making your brand stand out from the rest.

Our state of the art digital displays can be produced bespoke to suit our customers’ requirements. Information can simply be uploaded via USB, SD Cards or even wirelessly via a network ensuring that our Plug and Play solutions are simple to install, update and set up.

Some of our freestanding models are also available as double sided displays and features such as 3D, touch screen, split screen or WI-FI can also be applied to these models.

Also available as a Touch screen Digital Display.

Applications: Window displays, retail, information points, etc.

Lenticular displays

Lenticular printing is a technology in which lenses are used to produce images with an illusion of depth, or the ability to change or move as the image is viewed from different angles. Lenticular prints can be used for In Store POS, Direct Mail campaigns or Outdoor Advertising as well as many other applications, without the need for a power source or glasses.

The lenticular panels have many applications and are an extremely low cost solution providing amazing eye-catching effects.

Different visual effects can be achieved depending upon the application such as:

3D Allowing the viewer to capture images with true depth
Flip Effects Each image can be “flipped” from one image to another
Morphing Gradually transforming one image into another image
Applications Bus stop, POS advertising displays, Counter top displays, Shelf displays, Wall mounted displays, etc.

Transparent digital displays

Display Innovations now offers the latest in digital technology, ideal for bespoke POS displays.Our Transparent digital displays are built into customised acrylic casings, which allow brands to showcase their actual product inside the display box whilst surrounding it with their digital media content. The limit to this amazing new technology is your imagination.

10″ to 46″ screen sizes available
Bespoke or standard acrylic casings
USB/ SD card Input
Touch screen optional
Windows/ Android operating systems optional

Also available as an Android Advertising Display or Touch screen Digital Display.


Counter top Displays
Shelf Displays
Back Bar Displays
Wall mounted Displays
Window Displays