Clear and visible: a beacon
Virko B.V.

Virko is specialized in the implementing of (interior and exterior) visual identity, LED displays, LED canopy lighting for gas stations and LED street lighting. By market research we experienced that there appears to be a nice in the market when it comes to companies that are providing the full coordination and implementation of larger turnkey projects – such as the introduction of a new corporate identity or a complete conversion to LED canopy lighting – from start till end. Normally, organizations will have to hire seperate companies with different contacts to complete such a project.

Virko offers all these necessary facets and can be seen as a single point of contact for all individual parts of the project. You will have one responsible project manager taking care of all your interests.

Our approach of turnkey and single projects is widely appreciated and attracts impressive names. To maintain good management of projects, Virko developed its own “in-house” method. Due to our experience accumulated throughout the years, we are surrounded by a varied customer ring of European-oriented companies.
Our work can be best described as “Visual Identity Management”, in other words managing visual appearance. We stand for consistent implementation and control of your visual identity, and that’s far beyond a (lit) company logo on your building or new stationery. We support you in a professional way to develop, deploy, maintain and manage your visual identity, delivery of LED displays and the conversion from halogen or gas discharge lamps to the much more energy saving LED canopy lighting and LED street lighting. The added value lies in the combination of all these services. This integrated approach consists of the collaboration between design agencies, lighting experts, manufacturers, suppliers and all other disciplines.

You can imagine that such an approach should lead to a strong visual performance, efficiency and significant cost savings. We will support you in many ways and guide you towards a new or modified visual identity, LED displays or adjustment of your canopy and street lighting.