Virko B.V.

We manage and execute (large) projects in terms of project management and implementation of new or adjusted Corporate Identity, using our own web-based application. Each customer has – if required – instant access to all of his data of each location, via a secure Internet connection with his own specified login. This way he always has updated information and he can see what the location look likes at this moment, when the last changes have been made and when the next maintenance will take place. It also is possible to obtain access to all correspondence and other documents related to his project. This web-based application will always be kept up-to-date and can be accessed 24/7, so anyone involved in the project – from project manager up to management – has up-to-date information available, provided they have received a secured login code.

If necessary we can use our own reputable local staff and partners we have in almost all European countries, to guarantee a professional, reliable and direct approach in your own language. All concerning matters related to the project, will be coordinated by the central Virko project management Netherlands, ensuring complete availability and quality.

Organizations are always in motion: integrations, mergers and divestitures are the order of the day. Virko can provide support in the implementation of the modified or new Corporate Identity for both internal and external exposure. Design, special applications, municipal and local permits, production, assembly and maintenance are the main ingredients of a rebranding. Our added value covers the visual, organizational and financial level. This integrated approach means that we collaborate with design agencies, suppliers, manufacturers and disciplines such as marketing, communications, procurement, IT and facilities management. You can imagine that this creates a powerful visual performance, efficiency and cost savings.